AGO Vaporizer Oil Attachment

AGO Vaporizer Oil Attachment – $4.44

The AGO Vaporizer Oil Attachment is an eGo threaded device that looks a lot like a regular ecig, so it’s pretty stealthy. This one is great for those who like to vape their favorite oils & concentrates as it has a coil with a wick to soak them up. You can forget about dry herbs in this AGO attachment tho as it probably won’t work too well with this type of coil setup.

These AGO Vaporizer Oil Attachments look great on any eGo style battery and like most vapers you probably have at least one of them lying around. If you do this AGO Vaporizer Oil Attachment is perfect for you! If not you could always grab one for cheap. 😉


  • Silicone mouthpiece
  • Single heating coil
  • eGo threaded connection
  • Fixed bottom contact pin

AGO Vaporizer Oil Attachment – Multiple Colors


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