Authentic Flowermate iHiT 3-in-1 Desktop Vaporizer

Flowermate iHiT (Authentic) – $202.20

The new Flowermate iHiT is a 2-in-1 desktop vaporizer that works great for both dry herbs and enails. This is a true vaporizer system that evenly vaporizes your dry herbs with zero combustion. Plus there’s an included enail attachment so you can do your dabs with this too. It has a temperature range that actually goes up high enough to get that nail to the needed temperature, all in a much safer way. While this Flowermate iHiT is a tabletop unit, it is still portable as it has a built in battery so you can still use it while you’re away from an outlet.

Another cool feature I like about this Flowermate iHiT destop vaporizer is the fact that it comes with a bong attachment. So not only can you use the included mouthpiece, you can also attach it to your bong to get an even greater experience. Nothing beats a good bong rip! If you’re looking for a tabletop vaporizer that you can use with both your dry herbs and your dabs, then head on over to grab yourself one of these Flowermate iHiT 2-in-1 kits. Also, don’t forget to use the coupon code below for a substantial savings!

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  • Ceramic dry herb nail: 2.2ml / 1.3-1.8ohm
  • Convection AirFlow System(CAS). The air surrounds and flows through the chamber evenly
  • 2-in-1 torchless desktop eNail
  • Portable, lightweight and heavy duty control center: 5000mAh, 16.8V
  • Lightning fast heating: 0’F to 400’F in 15 seconds
  • Smart control system automatically detects vaping mode when eNail / dry herb nail is connected to device
  • Non combustion advanced ceramic heating chamber
  • Full OLED display indicates Herb or Wax mode, temperature setting, battery status and alerts
  • Dual safety system to prevent device from accidental power on
  • 10 minutes vape time Herb Mode: 30’C -230’C / 104’F-446’F Waxy Mode: 149’C-380’C / 300’F-716’F

Authentic Flowermate iHiT 2-in-1 Desktop Vaporizer

$202.20 with coupon code MAP

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