Anlerr Mr Bald T Atomizer Attachment

Anlerr Mr Bald T Attachment – $15.70

The Anlerr Mr Bald T is a great dry herb vaporizer attachment, and unlike most attachments of the past it will truly vaporize dry herbs. This is because there is no coil that comes in contact with your flowers thanks to the ceramic baking technology you get here. In addition to truly vaporizing your dry herbs, this Anlerr Mr Bald T with also work with your waxes and concentrates too. Furthermore you can use it on practically any mod you already have if you’re also an ecig vaper. All you need is something that is capable of going up to 50 watts, and temperature control is not needed and also not recommended.

Other cool features you’ll get with this Anlerr Mr Bald T atomizer is the glass top cap. This is great so you can see how much you have left without taking it completely off. Additionally the ceramic heating elements can be removed and cleaned. However if it does happen to wear out on you, it can be replaced with ease!

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  • Touch Point Baking Ceramic Plate Heating Element
  • Locking Cap
  • Quick Change Heating Element Coils
  • Stainless Steel Construction and Fine Ceramics
  • Recommended Wattage: 19-30W
  • Coil Resistance: 0.3ohm
  • Compatibility:
    – Works on battery mods capable of firing atomizers at 0.3 ohm resistance
    – Recommended to use on 20 – 50 Watt devices
    – DO NOT use with temperature control, Use bypass, variable voltage or variable wattage

Anlerr Mr Bald T Atomizer Attachment – $15.70

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