H-Enail Plus Dry Content Vaporizer Starter Kit

H-Enail Plus Dry Content Vaporizer – $57.56

Looking for a great vaporizer kit for your dabs? Then you need to check out this H-Enail Plus dry content vaporizer. This kit is great for those who love to vape waxes and concentrates, plus this is one great looking kit. The H-Enail Plus comes in a nice carrying case that’s great for when you’re on the go. It’s powered by a single 18650 battery which is included in the box as well, however if you’re an e-cig vaper then chances are you have a bunch of these batteries lying around already anyway.

This H-Enail Plus vaporizer has a glass pipe that can be filled with water so that it acts like a bong and gives you that beautiful familiar sound we all love so much. I also love the fact that there is a magnetic stand for you nail when your not using it. The best part however is that low price tag as I’ve seen this H-Enail Plus vaporizer kit selling for $150+ elsewhere, so grab it while you can!

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  • Magnet + stainless steel carb cap
  • Glass pipe
  • Titanium chamber
  • Screw titanium coil
  • Magnet stand
  • 3 times click to turn ON/OFF
  • Quick press the button 3 times, the device starts heating with white light, after 20 seconds, the light turns to green when the devices is ready for dabbing
  • The power button light will flash 5 times when low battery, and 3 times when short circuit
  • Single 18650 (2500mAh) battery included
  • Micro-USB charging port

H-Enail Plus Dry Content Vaporizer


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Here’s a review of the G9 H-Enail Plus by Ricochets reviews:

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