Yocan EXgo 2 Herbal Wax Vaporizer

Yocan EXgo 2 (Authentic) – $15.37

The Yocan EXgo 2 is one of the first herbal wax vaporizers with a dual coil design and let me tell you, this thing hits like a bus duct taped to a train with those coils, and it looks good doing it! Plus the dual coil design produces vapor a lot faster so the 10-sec cutoff with most mods and battery’s is not an issue.

The Yocan EXgo 2 is an attachment that has a spring loaded 510 connection so it should sit flush on any of your devices, and the vaporizer chamber is contained inside a glass tube so that should eliminate any mess or splatter.

Even if you already have the first version, the new Yocan EXgo 2 is well worth grabbing (especially at this price) simply because that extra coil makes a huge difference!


  • Dual heating coils
  • Replaceable vaporizer coil head
  • 510 threading connection
  • 2 air holes on the base

Yocan EXgo 2 Herbal Wax Vaporizer


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Here’s a review of the Yocan EXgo 2 Herbal Wax Vaporizer by EpicHerbReviews and Danielle:

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