Yocan Yo-Zap Vaporizer

Yo-Zap Vaporizer for Herbal Waxes & Concentrates – $8.93

Here’s a sweet looking vaporizer for your herbal waxes and concentrates, the Yo-Zap Vaporizer by Yocan is a very well made herbal attachment that has a standard eGo threaded connection, so you can attach it to your other compatible devices without having to buy yet another battery.

The Yo-Zap Vaporizer is designed for your Herbal Waxes and Concentrates and should not be used with dry herbs. (the 94F is perfect for that) But, if you’re looking for a great vape for your herbal waxes and concentrates, then the Yo-Zap Vaporizer is something you should take a good look at!


  • Replaceable coil head
  • 2 vent holes on the casing
  • eGo threaded connector
  • Removable drip tip (not a 510 drip tip)

Yocan Yo-Zap Vaporizer for Herbal Waxes & Oils


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Here’s a review of the Yocan Yo-Zap Vaporizer by Vape Vet:

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