Seego Vhit Reload Atomizer

Seego Vhit Reload Atomizer – $8.57

Here’s another fantastic atomizer by Seego, the Vhit Reload attachment is perfect for those vapers who already own batteries with an eGo/510 threaded connection. The Seego Vhit Reload completely disassembles for easy cleaning, and includes 3 coils, and each have their own specific use to get the best customized vape.

The Seego Vhit Reload is a great vaporizer for anyone who loves to vape waxes and concentrates. While you can use this for dry herbs, you will get some combustion without a glass screen, but when using waxes and concentrates you’ll get a true vape from this. For less than 9 bucks this Seego Vhit Reload atomizer is an absolute steal!


  • Best used with waxes and concentrates
  • eGo/510 connection
  • Spring loaded mouthpiece for easy cleaning or remixing dry herbs
  • Working Voltage: 3.7–4.2V
  • Height: 75.8mm
  • Diameter:16mm
  • Weight: 36g

Seego Vhit Reload Atomizer


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