Mio Vaporizer for Dry Content

Mio Vaporizer for Dry Content – $11.22

The Mio Vaporizer is an herbal attachment that works great for dry content such as waxes and concentrates. It has an exposed wick and coil that does an amazing job when you place your concentrates right on them, it would also work well to drip your oils on there too!

This is a pretty sweet deal for how well the Mio Vaporizer attachment works. But, don’t go putting your dry herbs in there because you’ll likely get some combustion happening, unless of course you don’t mind. Other than that the Mio Vaporizer is a great herbal attachment to add to your collection.


  • Thread connected key ring for easy carrying and protects the mouthpiece from dusts
  • Remove the key ring, pour out the mouthpiece and screw it. Press down the mouthpiece to make the e-solid or dry content fully contact with the wicks and wires
  • 2 air holes on the bottom
  • Dual heating wires in series

Mio Vaporizer for Dry Content


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