Yocan iShred Dry Herb Vaporizer

Yocan iShred Dry Herb Vaporizer – $35.38

The Yocan iShred is a convection type of dry herb vaporizers, and another great choice for one that truly vaporizes your weed. Gone are the days of trying to pass off combustion as vaporizing because the quality of the units coming out lately are top notch. This Yocan iShred has a completely ceramic chamber so there’s no heating element coming in contact with your herbs. The best part is that it heats up super fast, it’s ready to go in 5 minutes or less.

A unique feature that gives this Yocan iShred it’s name that you won’t find on any other device is the built-in herb grinder, and it works pretty darn well. In addition it has a bottom chamber for collecting the pollen that tends to fall off when you grind up your herbs, and we all know how awesome that stuff is. furthermore it has a bright digital screen that easy to read. As well as a smart memory function that remembers your last temperature setting. As a result this Yocan iShred dry herb vaporizer is highly worth a grab at great price!

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  • Use for: Dry herbs
  • Unique built-in grinder
  • Superbly diffused airflow
  • Charging: 5V/1A
  • On/Off: Press the power button 5 times in 2 seconds
  • Safety power duration: 5 minute cut off
  • Heating chamber: 100% ceramic
  • Hating: 5 minute constant heat function
  • LCD screen
  • LCD display: Power/Temp setting/Time/Current temp
  • Temperature range: 200’C-460’F / 93’C-238’C
  • Memory function: Smart memory (remembers your last temp setting)
  • Micro-USB port

Yocan iShred Dry Herb Vaporizer – $35.58

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Here’s a review of the Yocan iShred by Francisco Melendez:

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