GT-6624 Battery Powered Herb Grinder

GT-6624 Battery Powered Herb Grinder – $6.13

Need an herb grinder but prefer a powered one? Then the GT-6624 Battery Powered Herb Grinder is for you! This herb grinder is powered by 3 AAA batteries so your not tied to the wall using this, you could easily just throw it in your bag and go. Plus the 6 sharp blades on this GT-6624 Battery Powered Herb Grinder are sure to chop your herbs as finely as you need.

A grinder is a must have for dry herb vaporizers and if you don’t already have one yet then you can’t go wrong grabbing this GT-6624 Battery Powered Herb Grinder. You have 3 different colors to choose from and heck, this is cheaper than most manual grinders I’ve bought here at our local shops! 😆


  • Compact powered portable grinder
  • Uses 3*AAA batteries (not included)
  • Chopped coarse or ground into a fine powder
  • Large clear processing compartment
  • Three double bladed arms spin Six sharp blades

GT-6624 Battery Powered Herb Grinder


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