Anlerr Homles Dry Herb Vaporizer Pipe

Anlerr Homles Vaporizer Pipe – $33.98

Are you the type of toker that prefers to hit the pipe? Wouldn’t it be great if you could bring that experience over to your herbal vapes? Well now you can thanks to this stylish Anlerr Homles dry herb vaporizer pipe! Not only does this thing look great and will have you vaping like a sir, it packs in some great features as well. There’s an oven like heating chamber in this Anlerr Homles which truly vaporizes your herbs while delivering incredible flavor. Additionally there’s an OLED screen on it as well which always helps with functionality and ease of use.

Furthermore this exact same design is available under a different brand, namely the Longmada Senior. However it’ll cost you quite a bit more than this Anlerr Homles, which is exactly the same and comes in far more color and finish options. So clearly this is the best choice, and you can’t go wrong picking one up at this low price!

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  • PPS + PC construction
  • Variable wattage: 21W-30W
  • Temperature control: 300-435’F / 149-224’C
  • Heating resistance: 0.6 ohm
  • Safety power duration: 5 minutes
  • Heat dissipation design
  • Built-in 1000mAh Li-poly battery
  • OLED screen display
  • Micro-USB port

Anlerr Homles Dry Herb Vaporizer Pipe – $33.98

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