Alien Mini E-Hookah Dry Content Vaporizer

Alien Mini E-Hookah Dry Content Vaporizer – $23.95

If you’re into hookah’s, then you’re going to love the Alien Mini E-Hookah Dry Content Vaporizer. This kit comes with just about everything you need to start vaping your dry herbs and waxes. The only thing not included is a mod to use it on, you will need a mod with a standard 510 connection to use this Alien Mini E-Hookah.

The water inside the tank acts to “filter” your vapor and cool it down so you get smoother, cleaner hits. You can also use other liquids besides water too in the Alien Mini E-Hookah. While this wont truly vaporize your dry herbs without a glass screen or something to keep your herbs from touching tho coils, the Alien Mini E-Hookah works very well for your herbal waxes!


  • 510 threaded connection
  • POM 510 long drip tip
  • 2 air holes on the atomizer
  • You can use the atomizer alone or together with the filter
  • The filter can filter out the harmful chemicals, enables you to enjoy more healthier vapor
  • Not only water, you can also use wine, cola, Sprite, fruit juice etc. as the filtering media for different vaping experience

Alien Mini E-Hookah Dry Content Vaporizer


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