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Pluto Fireplace Dry Herb Vaporizer

Pluto Fireplace Vaporizer – $18.58

The Pluto Fireplace Vaporizer is a sweet looking vaporizer for your dry herbs or e-solids. It has a spring loaded mouth piece making it easy to ensure your dry herbs mixed and down to the coil where it will be vaporized. I love the “revolving door” design making it super easy to refill without taking it apart!

The Pluto Fireplace Vaporizer is a great dry herb atomizer and this is the lowest price we could find for you!


  • Spring loaded fixed mouth piece allows user to press down on the mouth piece to “re-mix” the dry contents inside the chamber without opening the chamber, which allows the user to reach all of the dry contents inside
  • Special designed revolving door for easy refilling
  • 510 threading connection

Pluto Fireplace Vaporizer for Dry Herbs / E-Solids


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Here’s a very short simple video I found showing how easy it is to load and use the Pluto Fireplace Vaporizer, just pretend that he’s actually using dry herbs rather then tobacco! 😆

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