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ID W Dry Content Vaporizer

ID W Dry Content Vaporizer – $8.09

At first glance this looks like an RDA, but it’s not. The ID W Dry Content Vaporizer is actually for your dry herbs or your waxes, and it does a pretty good job too. It has a “stove top” coil design that has a filter directly above it to help prevent your herbs from touching the coils directly, so it should produce a good vape.

The ID W Dry Content Vaporizer has a standard 510 drip drip so you can use your own if you have any lying around. Plus you’ll find the standard 510 threaded connection so it should fit on most of the devices or batteries you already own. For this low price, why not grab an ID W Dry Content Vaporizer to try out? 🙂


  • 510 drip tip
  • 2 air holes
  • 510 connection (chromed brass center pin)
  • 20mm diameter
  • Height excludes the the drip tip and connector: 21mm
  • Laser engravings

ID W Dry Content Vaporizer


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