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Cloupor Cloutank M3 Dry Herb Vaporizer

Cloupor Cloutank M3 (Authentic) – $11.19

I just had a chance to try one of these out myself the other day. The Cloupor Cloutank M3 is a sleek looking “tank” style dry herb vaporizer that has a spring loaded mouth piece to make it easier to clean it out, and to make sure your herbs make contact with the coils. It also comes with 2 coil heads.

The Cloupor Cloutank M3 Dry Herb Vaporizer works great and is pretty close to a real vape. At this low price it’s worth checking out!


  • Detach burner: the chamber and the coil are detaches to avoid damage while cleaning
  • Spring loaded fixed mouth piece
  • M3 chamber: the patent design M3 chamber allows user to press down on the mouth piece to “re-mix” the dry contents inside the chamber without opening the chamber, which allows the user to reach all of the dry contents inside
  • Self-cleaning: the M3 chamber one push button allows the user to clean the chamber easily without any tool

Authentic Cloupor Cloutank M3 Dry Herb Vaporizer


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Here’s a review of the Cloupor Cloutank M3 Dry Herb Vaporizer by EpicHerbReviews:

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